The Tip Jar

Why The Tip Jar?

Various versions of The AFC Dad Blog have existed back to 2012 with the current blog taking shape in 2019. The goal has always been the same:

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to dedicate sufficient time to raising three special needs children. We’ve made many sacrifices and adjustments to find the right work + life balance to provide for our family, of which the needs are changing.

Our jobs are commission only, allowing us the time to invest in our children’s healing and progress with flexible schedules during the day. Your gift will help us bridge monthly gaps in income and explore the future of this site.

To be clear, we’re not a non-profit. But, that’s something we are praying about. The second thing is advocacy and taking on a greater role in working to improve the lives of children in foster care and adoption and those with challenges in psychiatric and behavioral health. Will you join us in prayer on both of these?

We’re just feeling all of this out and testing the waters. If you feel led to help us invest, thank you. Regardless, we’re glad you found The AFC Dad and we hope you find the content here helpful.