Guest Post: At 13- My View

My 13 year old has been watching the events of our nation closely these past few weeks. He asked to share some thoughts. Here they are in his words.

From “The Wading Pool” Frog in the Kettle

One of my wisest, closest friends wrote this blog: Frog in the Kettle ‹ The Wading Pool. It's one of the deepest reflections of modern Christian faith that I've read in a long time. And, I'm not just saying that because he paid me to share it. 🙂 (ok- he didn't). Each time I read … Continue reading From “The Wading Pool” Frog in the Kettle

Adoption is Trauma

This is part of a multi-blog series called “Adoption Is” for National Adoption Month 2019. Read the entire series. Today is the halfway point of my 30 words about adoption in 30 days. You've heard me describe the highs, lows and the uncomfortable aspects. But, I can only speak from a parent's point of view. Today, … Continue reading Adoption is Trauma