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Andrew Sawyer

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A lifelong North Carolinian, I first engaged with foster care and adoption in the late 2000s. My wife and I had a niece enter the foster care system. In trying to obtain custody of her, we learned that foster care is simultaneously broken and beautiful. After her reunification was complete, we became licensed foster parents. We welcomed our first placements in 2012 and our first adoption finalized in 2013.

This is the third iteration of The AFC Dad, coming online in 2019 after a major shift in our focus to include pediatric psychiatric issues. This is a huge focus of our life and it’s intertwined into the web of issues encountered in foster care and adoption.

The AFC Dad exists to share these experiences honestly, through our lens of faith in Jesus Christ without giving into the tropes, dogmas and stereotypes that cloud society’s understanding of these issues. Check out Honesty, Jesus and Beer for a little unpacking of this thought process.

Posts center around the following four themes:

  1. Sharing Experiences
  2. Providing Encouragement
  3. Educating and Building Understanding
  4. Shining Light on Broken Places

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