Jehovah Jireh: Merry Christmas From Us to You

Seeing as how we’re sliding into this Yuletide season with one pinky toe over the finish line there are no Christmas cards coming from us to your mailbox this year. So here’s a few quick thoughts on 2020 round two as we head into a new year.

The past few days, as I’ve been ruminating on the past year, I’m tempted to slide into the valleys of our journeys. Instead, I’ve challenged myself to spend a minute on the mountaintops, and reflecting on the goodness of the days behind and the hope of the days ahead. May I challenge you to do the same?

Jehovah Jireh is the theme that has emerged. Roughly translated God Our Provider. Indeed, in over abundant and perfectly timed ways, He has provided so much this year. Some examples:

For Chrissy and I, He has provided us with each other. We’ve grown closer greatly this year, with a new lens to recognize each others strengths, abilities and needs. She is my rock and I am perhaps not annoying her as much as I have in the past. <Insert Smirk Emoji> He is providing us with the knowledge, strength and energy to pace this marathon journey.

For our oldest two boys, it’s the provision of healing and stability. God has provided a path toward healing and answers for one of our children. For the other, a stable environment as we move from the ups and downs of the past two years to a new normal.

In our youngest, He has provided completion of a lengthy arduous legal process. We’re together forever and watching him grow and explore and experience the world. There’s also the provision of peace for another. Though we haven’t spoken of it publicly, this year, we also have been provided with closure as a pre-adoptive journey we’ve been pursuing has come to a close in a way different than how we would like.

He has provided for us a family in so many ways as well.

He’s given abundant provision to ensure every need is met while we all walk through this pandemic. He’s provided business from thin air, it seems, while my day job as a travel agent is experiencing major disruptions and constant uncertainty.

He has surrounded us with wonderful family and friends closer than family. He’s given us a church that goes above and beyond any expectation, creating bonds and friendships beyond which we deserve. And he’s provided opportunities to use our lived experiences to walk with others on a similar journey.

In short, He’s provided this year. Even in dark moments and on tough days, He’s helped us know that he’s there. We pray and hope for a brighter 2022, not another 2020 too. We’re thankful too for you, for joining us on this journey one post at a time.

Merry Christmas from Us To You and trust in the God who provides.

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