Quick Thoughts on Adoption

Every year, I think to post something meaningful on World Adoption Day (November 9), but usually I fail. But, not this year! Today, I thought to share some random thoughts about adoption.

Adoption is the most unnaturally natural thing we’ve ever experienced. The training, the preparation, the processes are stressful, no lie, but it all melts away the first hug you receive from a child that is finally in a safe, permanent home.

My wife and I, in an old photo, with our two adopted boys years before two more kids came into our lives.

The onramps to adoption (fostering, private agency, kinship) may vary, but the end result is a loving, safe family.

Not every day is going to be happy. But, every day will be a gift. Adoptions come with baggage, sometimes very heavy baggage. It’s a process to unpack it all.

If you don’t think you are capable of an adoption, you’re selling yourself short. Or maybe, it’s that you don’t want your comfortable, idealistic life challenged.

Adoptive families need support. If you can’t adopt, jump in the trenches with a family who is. Very few people have access to the front row of merging families, healing trauma and overcoming challenges. It’s a seat you don’t want miss because though the process is messy, the outcome is beautiful.

There is no clearer picture of heaven on earth than adoption. As Christians, we believe we were adopted into God’s family through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus as our savior. In our families, we get to see the best picture of two families becoming one.

Some days are rough. And just like in my last post, some seasons are rough. Sometimes children experience horrible, horrible things before coming into the safety of your home. No good thing comes without sacrifice and taking their challenges head-on is something worth every moment of heartache and struggle. Keep your Eyes on Jesus and you’ll make it just fine.

The most amazing thing to watch is child overcoming a challenge. Seeing them make a friend for the first time, learning how to ride a bike or simply how to sleep in a room by themselves. There is no greater joy this side of heaven seeing accomplishments large or small.

Last night, I woke up with a small fuzzy head nestled in my armpit snoring away. I laughed, then thanked God for this gift- both the child and the experience. We are so unworthy of the children we have the privilege of caring for.

There will be detractors. You’ll run into people for whom adoption is offensive or misconstrued. Don’t give that stuff energy. If God’s calling you to it, then run with it.

Don’t go it alone. You’ll need people along the way. Find people who are already doing the work of adoption and gather your people, who know you, and who will support you.

If you’re not sure where to start, look for the right starting point for you. Foster Care has a primary goal of reunification with families, but some children in the system are already legally ready for adoption. Domestic and International agencies are also great starting points.

Adoption is a gift for both the parent and the child, and it’s one that you don’t want to miss. Make this World Adoption Day the day you chose to get involved.

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