Listen. Learn. Grow.

It’s easy to retreat into our own circles of influence when things in the world are uncertain. That’s exactly why we must be intentional to listen to voices and perspectives different than our own in order to learn and grow.

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This is critically important for foster/adoptive families like mine who are comprised of various races, cultures and ethnicities. We owe it to our children to step out of our comfort zones to understand life those that share their cultural and ethnic identity.

Instagram is my go-to social network. I’m on Facebook and Twitter frequently, but Instagram is where I spend my social media time following, reading and learning from others. For purposes of this post, I’m only focusing on this one network.

Nothing replaces making, growing and nurturing friendships; however those who I’ve come to really learn from as close friends have their accounts marked private, so I can’s share them. What I can do is share a “starter set” list of foster/adoptive parents, advocacy accounts and leaders within my church that have public accounts and are great places to learn.

If you’ve never taken a step out of your preferred influencers, I encourage you to start following these accounts.

Foster/Adoptive ParentsAdvocacy AccountsChurch Leaders
*Accounts are NOT presented in any particular order

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