Adoption is Exhausting

Ya’ll, I ain’t even gonna lie. I almost shut my laptop and went and crawled into bed. It’s 9:11 p.m. and I am beat. What did I do today? I don’t even know. I do know. I adulted. I took my 12 year old to school then I came back home and worked for the rest of the day. I’ll blame the two long conference calls I had.

But anyways, you didn’t start reading this for my exhaustion. You started reading this because you’re reading each and every one of my 30-day blogs. Right?

Ok, well, you’re reading this because you saw I wrote adoption is exhausting and you were thinking, “no truer words have ever been spoken.” I’ll say it again for the slow readers: adoption is exhausting.

When you’re trying to figure out what adoption route to go down, you are faced with an overwhelming flood of options, possibilities and uninvited opinions. It takes a lot of brainpower, research and soul searching to determine what’s best for you. For a moment, you feel accomplished, then you realize that you have a long way to go.

When the big packet of paper pounds on the table, there is a feeling like you’re getting ready to climb Mt. Everest. So. many. steps. Name, date of birth, income on every one of the thousand forms. Then there’s the really super invasive personal biography, the more invasive home study interview. After that, there’s finding time in the day to get background checks. And, fire inspections. And, fingerprints. And meet with the social workers. You’re feeling like a brick wall has been placed directly in front of your face.

But then, there’s the amazing exhaustion. There’s the walk in the house.. DADDY! exhaustion. There’s the watching E-I-O on repeat until you’re ready to buy McDonald’s farm right out under him exhaustion. There’s the baby exhaustion that causes him to flail and scream and pound the changing table exhaustion.

And in my house there’s the pre-teen exhaustion. That kind of exhaustion is…. I can’t even explain it.

We love our kids. We love this process. We love each and every day as a family. We’re grateful for all the steps to keep kids safe and check out potential families. But, goodness gracious, adoption is exhausting.

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