Adoption is Trauma

This is part of a multi-blog series called “Adoption Is” for National Adoption Month 2019. Read the entire series.

Today is the halfway point of my 30 words about adoption in 30 days. You’ve heard me describe the highs, lows and the uncomfortable aspects.

But, I can only speak from a parent’s point of view. Today, you take an interlude from me.

This morning, I read the following article and knew it was going to be today’s post. It is about something I have no authority to write: adoption from an adoptee’s point-of-view. Every. single. word. is impactful. Every single word deserves your attention.

Please enjoy this brave piece of writing by author Mindy Stern. I encourage you to follow the link after the intro to read it all. Catch up on my adoption is series.

She surrendered me for adoption upon my birth. In three months, they took me from the womb to the NICU to the foster care to my adoptive parents. Gloria, my biological mother, did not know she was pregnant, she entered the emergency room for abdominal pains and exited traumatized in a way only birth mothers understand. She died at 50, one day before my birthday. I found her four years too late.

Eighteen months ago I found my biological father. He did not know about me. He has spent the last year and a half coming to terms with being denied knowledge of my existence and figuring out how to incorporate me into his life. Together we are building a lovely and meaningful relationship, but for me, reunion is painful in ways I never imagined. I have spent the last year and a half struggling to navigate it all.

More: Adoption Is Trauma. It’s Time To Talk About It. – Mindy Stern – Medium

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