Adoption is Thrilling

This is the sixth blog in the series “Adoption Is” for National Adoption Month 2019. Read the entire series.

Flying through the ocean waves at 60 miles an hour lifting up and down as a tunnel of seaspray soaks you to your core is one way to spend an afternoon. Or, hearing the screams of fear and delight as a little guy braves an indoor roller-coaster for the very first time. Indeed, adoption is thrilling.

Nothing will ever compare to the elation of finding the really big envelope in the mail. Or the joy of walking into a courtroom for the ceremonial photograph with the judge.

So too does the thrill of watching the child walk into your home for the very first time. Perhaps exploring by flashlight because a raging thunderstorm has knocked out power.

What about the anticipation of grandma and grandpa, er Mimi and Papa, putting eyes on your little ones for the very first time. Or seeing your normally stoic dad find his inner baby voice with the littlest one.

There are thrills in the excitement of the everyday as well. Like coming out from their first dental appointment and saying on video for mom, “Look ma, no cabaties!” Or the innocent request for more “sauce-which” at the breakfast table.

One of the biggest thrills was the day they said, “can we just call you mom and dad?” for the very first time. Even though years later, our eldest said, “we only said that because we couldn’t remember your names.” Nope, memorable moment not crushed. I’m pretending the 12-year-old didn’t ‘fess up.

There’s the very first steps. Perhaps the first English words. Your first take-home artwork from school — even if you do hold it upside down. There’s the first time you walk into the room and they’re snuggled up with the dog. Or, the night it thunders and they jump into your bed for the very first time.

And when they get a little older… there’s the moment they acknowledge that they have feelings for their biological parents. And you are able to say, “It’s ok.” When they’re excited to help with chores… ok well, that doesn’t exactly happen, but it would be thrilling!

Moments can come in a thousand shapes and sizes. They can be extraordinary or they can be quite mundane from an outsiders view. But nevertheless, adoption is thrilling.

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