Putting My Yes on the Table

Today was unexpectedly my last day in local government. In 2012, Chrissy and I put our YES on the table. We didn’t know the phrase existed at the time, but we became foster parents and a year later, adoptive parents. Two beautiful boys with a ton of special needs — we didn’t know how special or how deep those needs were at the time.

I knew today was coming. I just didn’t know it would be today. In fact, I had already taken a few things home. The demands of our boys’ needs had been growing since our world flipped on its side back in April.

Unexpected time away, so much time on the phone at work talking to treatment teams. My mind filled with issues at home and less on the task at hand. They are good people and worked with me as long as they could.

Nothing worth pursuing comes without sacrifice. I don’t know if someone famous has said that or not, but it came into my head today as I left the garage for the last time and headed straight for the hospital. I got to spend some time with my precious little one before coming home to a church family that in motion. They are the best part of this journey.

Over the years, we have experienced some amazing highs in this foster care journey. But, we’ve also had some lows. We’ve lost friends who couldn’t get past the stigma that our kids were inherently bad. We’ve seen our marriage struggle at times. Free time and the pursuit of hobbies has given way to extra love and care for the little ones. Finances have become tight by making family first choices and spending much, much time on the road seeking care for these little boys.

But don’t be quick to put us on a pedestal. We’ll have even higher to fall. And, don’t call us saints. That is my biggest pet peeve. Everyone is called to do something with their lives. This is ours. Nothing more.

The word yes on a table.

I don’t know whether to view today as a low. It surely wasn’t my favorite day. But, it was oddly freeing and I have a strange peace. We have such a complex medical situation before us that our boys need us first. In every way. While obviously, food needs to be put on the table, it will be good to focus on what really matters in life: those we chose to call our own when we said yes.

So what’s next for me? This weekend, we have an outing at the pumpkin patch planned. Dinner with friends. Then, church on Sunday (we may skip our weekly traditional lunch out though). Monday, I’ll be seeking what’s next. I’m hopeful to do a little freelancing to keep my skills up. I might find time to practice “would you like fries with that?”

There’s a sign just inside our door that says: The will of God will never take you where the grace of God won’t cover you. So true. He’s led us down an amazing journey so far and I know he’s not going to fail us yet. If you’re new to this blog, I invite you to stick around. You never know what might happen here now that I have more time to share.

5 thoughts on “Putting My Yes on the Table

  1. Another speedbump, another obstacle – same strength in spirit! Proud to have crossed paths with you guys. Prayers and blessings as you navigate this latest curve and prepare for the next curve.


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