It’s Funny How Life Changes… and Keeps on Going

Life Changes by Thomas Rhett is one of my favorite songs right now. Three reasons: He’s using a public platform to positively share about adoption. Second, that song is our life’s theme song right now. Third, what other country song references Uganda? Life is changing fast in our home and it just keeps on going, even though we’d like to to slow right on down.

I spent two hours this weekend sanding down the walls in our smallest bedroom. My wife spent hours meticulously painting for its next occupant. After 15 months at the foot of our bed, Baby is moving out. It’s about time. That also means we’re moving the other kids around. Including the two not currently living with us.

That’s completely normal, right? I first shared about this strange chapter a few weeks ago. Since then, our marathon journey has turned into an ultramarathon. Oh how we wish we could pause everything else and focus on our little ones.

But, the fact is that life moves on. Groceries need buying. Work needs going to. Kids need attention. Dog poop needs scooping. ER needs binge watching. You get the drift.

You get a lot of time to think when you’re sanding and listening to a podcast on the origins of World War I. I thought about the speed at which life has moved since everything went sideways on April 30. I thought about how everything in our life before that point lined up so that we’d have the house, community, job, children that we have for that very moment.

I thought too about the meandering path of our foster care/adoption journey over the years. The children we’ve said no to, the ones we’ve said yes to. I thought about the experiences our children have endured and the health struggles they’re bravely facing. I thought about our amazing support system. Everything has prepared us to walk through this season. Yet, nothing has prepared us at all. I don’t know how to describe it.

I thought about thankfulness. I’m incredibly grateful for the place and time God has ordained for our family. I wish we were whole, together and healed. But, we’re not and we don’t know how much longer this journey will last.

What I do know is that all things do work together for a divine purpose, even if we never hear the end of the story or see a silver lining. And, I’m learning to be completely ok with that.

So, life changes. It changes fast. It keeps on going. A new school year starts back in just a few weeks. We have a major court date for baby approaching. We have another big home improvement project on the near horizon (consider this my recruitment call).

I think we’re both looking forward to whatever the new normal will be. But, I can’t say that we’re not enjoying life as a family of four. I think part of this journey is just learning to appreciate everything and take nothing for granted.

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