Let’s Go! A New Blog Begins

Are you ready? After some time off, it’s time to start a new blogging adventure.

In 2011, I started blogging our family’s journey into foster care and later, adoption. Originally, it was a chronicle of our new family. Along the way, I started answering questions about the process from family & friends. After our adoption was complete in 2013, I mostly stepped away from regular blogging. I thought the story was over.

Why now?

In reality, the story truly began when we received our first adoption decrees. Over the years, we’ve experienced amazing joys and achingly deep challenges. The past seven weeks has been the most difficult thus far. As I’ve looked to the blogosphere for families who’ve walked similar trials, there were few to be found.

For me, writing is an outlet for the stress this journey brings. And, I just plain miss it. I used to hear from many around the country commiserating about similar experiences or who could pour into a season where we lacked experience. I’ve been talking to Chrissy about picking this back up in recent months. She’s given an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

What’s changing?

The first go around, I detailed our personal lives. You would read the blogs and get a tick-tock of our daily experiences. I was never very comfortable with that, honestly, but didn’t have much to go on except what we were living in the moment.

Eight years later and, well, you could say that we’ve gained some experience. Some is trial by fire, much is by doing things wrong and very little is by following a textbook. But, if our journey can help others… particularly other dads on this journey (there are very, very few blogs from dad’s point of view), then it’s worth it.

This time, there will be less day-to-day and more topics. Our children’s stories are their own. I didn’t protect their stories as much as I should have on the first journey. This time that will be top of mind.

Some caveats

Here are some random things as we launch. I write for a living. I spend a lot of time making sure subjects and verbs are not disagreeing. I’ll try not to split infinitives, but I’m not promising grammatical perfection.

Everything here is my own opinion. Nothing reflects my position at work or any political point-of-view. While my work and personal lives intersect, this space is purely personal.

My wife and I are also merely the sum of our own experiences. We haven’t lived every nook and cranny of the foster care and adoption experience. For instance, we have four children currently, but to date haven’t reunified a child. I’m hoping to recruit some guest posts to fill those gaps.

We have a lot of experience with medical issues, particularly psychiatric ones. Our medical understandings are limited to what we’ve lived and personally walked through. Don’t act upon our stories without consulting a professional.

Ok, enough of that. I hope you enjoy. I hope you find something of value. Most importantly, I hope you jump into the waters of foster care and adoption.

The heroes (the children) need you with all of your questions and imperfections. Comment from time to time and if something inspires you, please share it. And, thank you for reading these words.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go! A New Blog Begins

  1. Hi Andrew and thanks for your candour!
    I am a foster carer in Australia and blog to increase awareness of the need for more carers in Australia. I am just starting my A-Z of foster care blog (which will move to a website for more visibility soon) and have been really thinking about how I weave in the ‘textures’ of caring for children with trauma whilst not scaring potential carers away.
    Spoiler alert…. I have really bad days! And I feel a plethora of emotions on those days. And then of course, I find my ‘re-frame’ and that is that CC (my foster daughter of 7 years who turns 9 in a couple of weeks) is simply displaying behaviours that relate back to her past trauma. I have recently found a therapeutic modality (EMDR with story telling) and CC will commence this soon. It is to help her to have an understanding of her history in a way that is desensitised (Australian spelling) and hopefully reduce some of the behaviours.
    I hope you are all feeling well supported as you go through this period and can stay in a space of ‘this will change again at some point’. I know when I am in it, weeks feel like months :-(.
    Thanks, Kiera


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